A holistic approach to skin health

Dr Anna Choczaj-Kukula

A holistic approach to skin health

We treat all skin conditions, both acute and chronic ones, in adults and children. Our aim is to provide patients with relief from symptoms, to improve skin appearance and most importantly, to positively impact the natural course of the disease. We use the most advanced, evidence-based treatments including topical preparations, systemic medications, light therapy and surgical procedures to achieve optimal and lasting outcomes. We pay special attention to the psychological impact of skin conditions.

With Jersey having one of the highest incidences of skin cancer worldwide, the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers is a major focus of our clinical practice. Advanced Dermatology Clinic offers the most advanced, digital whole-body mole mapping with FotoFinder® Master system, the first one in the British Isles. We offer a range of treatments including Photodynamic Therapy for various skin cancers and pre-cancerous conditions. We also advise patients on optimal daily skin care with special attention to effective sun protection.

FotoFinder® Master system
For appointments, please contact our Medical Secretary on 07797 777730 or booking@dermatology.je

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Advanced Dermatology Clinic
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We are located at the Castle Quay Medical Practice in the Harbour Reach building.

Waterfront underground car park, as well as a pharmacy with a full range of dermatological medications, are both conveniently located nearby.

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